Whether you are constructing a metal home or you are building a commercial metal structure, one of the steps you will need to take is to pick a steel building manufacturer to work with. Naturally, your choice of company is going to have a massive impact on your entire project. The company you choose is going to affect the design of your structure, its quality, and the flow of the construction process.

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Compare prices & Save

Save Up To 40%

Get our wholesale pricing for all metal building kits.
You pick the manufacturer and company to work with.

  • Average savings of 33%
  • Over 20,000 kits delivered
  • Turn-key construction available

So, how do you go about choosing the right company? And which steel building manufacturers should you look into working with?

Our guide will introduce you to some of the biggest and the best manufacturers. In this section of our site, you can also find detailed articles and guides about steel building manufacturers.

What are the Biggest Steel Building Manufacturers by Revenue?

Metal Building Manufacturers

To start out, you might be curious which steel building manufacturers are considered the largest. A good way to answer that question is to look at their revenue.

CompanyLocationYear FoundedEst. Annual Revenue 
BETCOStatesville, NC1984 $250 Mil. and over
MMI Tank & Industrial ServicesPhoenix, AZ1974 $250 Mil. and over
RDI Enclosures & SystemsItasca, IL2013 $250 Mil. and over
NCI Building SystemsHouston, TX1984 $250 Mil. and over
Morton Builders, Inc.Morton, IL1903 $250 Mil. and over
Irex Contracting GroupHicksville, NY2006 $100 – 249.9 Mil
Schulte Building SystemsHockley, TX2007 $100 – 249.9 Mil
Smith-Built MetalsDawson, GA2003 $100 – 249.9 Mil
FBI Buildings, Inc.Remington, IN1957 $100 – 249.9 Mil
Record Steel & ConstructionMeridian, ID1988 $100 – 249.9 Mil

The biggest steel building manufactures and the best are not necessarily interchangeable, however. There is a lot more that goes into choosing a quality steel building company than simply picking a manufacturer with high annual revenue.

You also need to make sure you are picking a manufacturer that suits your individual project requirements.

How to Choose the Right Manufacturer for Your Needs

Before you check out the list of the top steel building manufacturers below, it may help you to know what you should look for when selecting a company to work with.

  • Experience: Work with a company that has ample experience building the specific type of structure you need.
  • Base features: Different companies include different features as part of the base pricing for their metal buildings. Check into what base features are included to evaluate the base price value.
  • Optional features: Along with the base features each company makes available, they will also offer an array of optional features. These add-ons cost more, but you can use them to more fully customize your structure. Pay attention both to the selection of optional features and the pricing.
  • Materials and components: The quality of the materials and components that manufacturers use can vary. For example, some companies may use a thicker gauge of steel than others. As a result, their buildings may be stronger. They might also be more expensive, but the price different may be justified.
  • Construction systems: Each metal building company uses certain techniques to combine materials and components to create metal structures. Research into the different construction systems to figure out which may be most suitable for your project.
  • Service area: There are a few aspects to consider with respect to service area. To start, you have to make sure that the company can actually work with you given your location. But you might also want to choose a company that has a plant close to you for a couple of reasons. First of all, shipping may cost less and be more rapid. Secondly, a company that has a strong presence in your region may be more familiar with local weather conditions, and able to design to them more effectively.
  • Design and construction process: Find out what the steps are in the design and building process from start to finish. How long does each stage take? What is involved with each stage? With whom will you be working? How much customization is available? How late can you make changes?
  • Layouts and designs: Pick a metal building manufacturer that offers layouts that appeal to you, and styles you like. If you want a fully custom structure, pick a company that can design one for you. If you want to use a pre-existing floor plan, look for a big selection.
  • Pricing: The relative costs of working with one company versus another should also be factored in when you are selecting your metal building company. The least expensive company is not necessarily the best, but neither is the priciest. Aim for the company that is offering the most value for a price that is within your budget.
  • Speed: How backlogged is the steel building manufacturer? What is the estimated start date for your project? How about the estimated completion date?
  • Transparency: The metal building manufacturer you choose should be upfront and direct with you about pricing, the timeline for your project, and every other aspect of your project. Avoid companies that dance around tough questions.
  • Service: Customer service is a critical consideration when you are choosing a manufacturer for a metal building. Ask the company you are considering what methods they use to stay in contact throughout the building process, and how frequently they will reach out with updates. While talking with customer service, you can also assess how knowledgeable and helpful they seem to be.
  • What other customers are saying: Look up reviews to find out if other customers have had good experiences with the metal building manufacturer. You may also want to track down some of these customers yourself to ask them about the build process and the results. You can request references from the companies, but keep in mind they will give you customers they know will speak well of them.

Comparing different steel building companies is a time-consuming process, but it is important to take as much time as you need to in order to select the right company for your needs. The ramifications of your choice will echo for decades.

Our Top Rated Steel Building Manufacturers

Now that you understand more about what to look for when picking a steel building manufacturer, let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there.

1. Mueller Buildings

Mueller Inc

1915 Hutchins Ave.
Ballinger, TX 76821

This company has been constructing steel buildings since 1984. They put a strong emphasis on strength and durability, using materials that are 33% thicker than what is standard in the industry. As Class 4 structures, they are impact-resistant, weather-resistant and energy-efficient.

Mueller Buildings can help you build a home, an agricultural building, a garage, a workshop, a storage building, or another commercial facility. They are based in Texas, and have branches throughout the state, along with Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. The service area extends throughout the south, west and central US.

2. Nucor

1915 Rexford Road
Charlotte, NC 28211

If you are looking for a steel building company that operates in an eco-friendly way, one of your best bets is to go with Nucor. This company refers to itself as “North America’s most sustainable steel and steel products company.” Nucor writes, “Nucor’s steelmaking relies on electric arc furnace technology—the cleanest method commercially available today.”

Nucor can build commercial buildings, agricultural buildings, retail buildings, industrial and manufacturing buildings, office buildings, recreational facilities, aviation buildings, warehouses and more.

3. Butler Buildings

Butler Buildings

1540 Genessee St.
Kansas City, MO 64102

Butler has been in business since 1901, giving them over 120 years of experience. The company specializes in pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs). They serve the entirety of the United States and Canada. They also can work with you in Latin America or the Caribbean. There are a number of brands under Butler, including BlueScope Construction, Varco Pruden Buildings, and others.

Butler lets you choose from a wide variety of wall and roofing systems. They can help you build agricultural buildings, athletic facilities, aviation facilities, educational structures, community centers, storage facilities, industrial facilities, office buildings, medical buildings, and much more.

4. Morton Buildings

Morton Buildings

252 W. Adams St.
Morton, IL 61550

Another of the top metal building companies to consider is Morton Buildings. With more than 110 years of experience, they are one of the longest-standing metal building companies around. They company is 100% employee-owned and has a huge service area.

You can order turn-key residential and commercial metal buildings from Morton. Some of what they can build for you includes metal building homes, shipping container homes, shop houses, barndos, agricultural buildings, greenhouses, sports facilities, airplane hangars, Quonset huts, and modular structures.

5. MBMI Metal Buildings

4723 W Atlantic Ave, Ste A20
Delray Beach, FL 33445

MBMI Metal Buildings is one of the newer metal building companies on our list. Since opening their doors in 2002, they have already helped thousands of customers to achieve their goals.

Explaining what sets its services apart, MBMI states that they have an in-house engineering team that works one-on-one with customers closely throughout the design phase for projects. The company also provides price quotes that are transparent and straightforward, making it easy to budget for your metal buildings.

Some special features of MBMI buildings include standard feature base trim, formed eave trim rather than simple eave trim, jamb and eave cover trim, cable bracing, purlin strapping, a larger base angle, and more.

You can work with MBMI on your project to build a barndo, garage, agricultural building, church, community center, riding arena, horse barn, or RV storage facility.

6. Worldwide Steel

worldwide steel buildings

10606 State Route YY
Peculiar, MO 64078

Originally operating as a truss factory in Missouri in 1983, Worldwide Steel has grown into a successful business serving businesses around the globe. The majority of the company’s clients are concentrated in North America.

Along with an emphasis on durability, Worldwide Steel Buildings works hard to bring customers affordable pricing. This is made possible through the fact that the company has its own factory.

Trusses remain at the core of Worldwide’s business. The company explains, “Because we manufacture our own trusses from American-made steel, our prefab metal building kits can be designed for any snow or wind load in the United States. Unlike other metal building manufacturers, Worldwide Steel welds all its trusses in precision jigs for accuracy, double dips them in a rust proof coating and then closely inspects each one to ensure that they are the highest quality. “

Types of steel buildings you can get from this company include industrial facilities, agricultural buildings, airplane hangars, churches, greenhouses, barndonminiums, and more.

Get Started with Your Metal Building Project

Having had a chance to check out the best metal building suppliers, you may have picked out a few to research more. We recommend you compare quotes from several different manufacturers before you decide on one for your structure. To get started now, click on any of the links in this post to request personalized quotes for your metal building project.

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